Ju Raise ätter Tunesien… un wieruume


Skrieuwen : 18-01-2011 | Truch : W | In : Seelterlound

Lier – Ieuwenske die Rewe-Pauschaltouristik häd uk dän Tui hiere Tunesien-Raisen bit Midde Februoar outäld.

Die TUI häd bit tou 15. Februoar aal do Flüge ätter dät noudafrikoanske Lound strieken. Do Urlauber konne dan bit tou 14. April – juust foar do Poaskenferien – kostenloos uumbouken. Dät fergeene Wiekeend hääbe düütske Flugsälskuppe 8.000 Urlauber wieruume broacht.


You can always tell an expert! Thanks for coruinbtting.

Este libro lo terminé en el puente pasado. Una semana me duró, aparte de ser precioso engancha muchísimo. Gran elección como libro de vacaciones o simplemente como lectura de mesita de noche

Thanks. Yours was the first to come up in google. It was very upsetting this morning trying to work on a design and find my toolbar missing. I tried enabling and disabling and was at a loss as to why it would not show up on the toolbars menu. It’s amazing you traced it to the Skype extension, which I find annoying anyway.

What are they smoking? The people who create this coverage map have got to be on something. It makes no sense at all. It’s a bummer that my Saints are almost never on here in Raleigh, but this coverage should at least make some sense!!!

Hey Brad, I think Blake should do a seminar on the importance of “hydrating” this Saturday instead of the usual torture. On a more serious note, great time for that circuit – Chuck Norris would be jealous.

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