Rebellen wieruume in Ajdabiyah, Brega un Ras Lanuf

Libyen – Do Rebellen hääbe in dät Noudaaste fon Lybien ju Stääd Ajdabiyah wier ärobert. Dät kwad die Näisseender al-Jazeera ätter Uuttällengen fon do Rebellen. Ju Stääd Ajdabiyah lät uungefeer 160 Kilomter suudelk fon Bengazie un waas fon n 16. Februoar bit tou n 13. Meerte bisät fon do Rebellen. Do Rebellen hääbe nu Unnerstütsenge uut ju Lucht fon do Allierten. Dät wuude eerst muugelk ätter dät die FN-Seekergaidsräid ap n 17. Meerte bisleeten hiede dät internationoal Iengriepen gjucht waas.

Brega un Ras Lanuf sunt uk wier in apstoundiske Hounde. Do internationoale Luchtoungriepe häbe him holpen.

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  1. I think I should add for a comment on a blog devoted to a country's crime fiction, I mean the next big thing does not have to come from a country but could come from the style of an Irish writer. And there is an Irish POV that differs from other countries.This is why we see little success for the Scandinavian comedy cozy.

  2. Nancy Nord isn’t the problem here. The problem lies exactly with the way the bill is described:“a knee-jerk law intended to stop the sale of lead-heavy toys from China”While I disagree strongly with the bill, I appreciate the Nancy Nord is holding Congress to their words. If we let Congress pass the buck on to the implementer, and then play political games, we can expect more of this type of BS legislation in the future.Write your Congressperson and tell them to clean up their own mess.

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