Norwegisk, Dänisk un Swedisk woakse uutnunner

Do skandinaviske Sproaken Norwegisk, Dänisk un Swedisk woakse uutnunner. Dät skrieuwt ju Website ätter ne Unnersäikenge fon Journalisten uut Norwegen, Dänemark un Sweden.

Do skandinaviske Sproaken liekje heel stäärk apnunner. In ju Skriftsproake rakt et nit ful Ferskiele twiske dät Norwegiske un dät Däniske. Dät Norwegiske un dät Swediske sunt wät ju Uutsproake angungt gjucht äänelk. Man do Ferskiele wäiden langsoam gratter.

Sowät 20 Millionen Moanskene konnen ne skandinaviske Sproake baale. Dänisk un Norwegisk hääbe bee 5 Millionnen Baalere, dät Swediske häd 10 Millionen. Truch ju Globalisierenge is dät n Foardeel wan do Ljuuden sik ferstounde kuuden, foarallen wan dät uum wirtskaftelke, kulturelle of wietenskuppelke Seeken gungt.

4 Gedanken zu „Norwegisk, Dänisk un Swedisk woakse uutnunner

    1. It must surely be annoying without electricity, a reminder of the civilization achievements we often take for granted.On the other hand, the rule "sickest patients are given the maximum attention" is another symptom of the fact that the situation isn't serious. If the situation becomes serious, the rule is of course reverted – save whatever has chance of being saved. This is also reflected by airlines – first help yourself and then others (because one has to be fit to be able to help others, but not only because of that).

    2. YES! Because breastfeeding mothers should never leave their homes! How dare they go out in public where their child might have an “unscheduled” need to feed or be comforted? *insert eyeroll*I see more breast exposure on women with skanky shirts than I do with any nursing mother I’ve ever been around. How about you attack the fashion industry, and those Victoria Secrets adds? Breasts are for feeding. You’re an adult. If you don’t like it…Don’t. Look. Pretty simple solution for your issue.

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